The Lost Boys Project is an investment partnership formed with the objective of bringing home ownership to honest, hard-working people with less than perfect credit in the Phoenix, Arizona area.

We are providing home ownership solutions in the wake of the credit crisis of the last few years that has all but ended conventional lending to anyone with imperfect credit.  We are placing families with stable incomes into homes they own for about the same cost as renting.

* We are a direct source, private lender and investor. We are not associated or affiliated with any regulatory agency in any state. Although we work with licensed mortgage brokers, we do not hold any mortgage broker or mortgage banker licenses and we do not subscribe to any governing policies or limitations that conventional lenders might adhere to or be restricted by.


Why the name, The Lost Boys Project?


Good question. It came about after observing what was happening to certain individuals and groups of society when the real estate market changed quickly and dramatically.

Late one night, we all came up with the following mission statement and company description: We all know the “lost boys” in the story Peter Pan, but this is reality… and many people in society have been LOST in the wake of this economic downturn. We want to help them FIND stability amidst the chaos. We are providing the opportunity of home ownership.

Don’t be left behind; find your “place.” We can help.


Why rent when you can own?


Although this economy has been tough on a lot of people, it has opened some incredible real estate opportunities.

Due to the number of foreclosures, there has not been a better time to buy a house in the Phoenix area in a very long time. Home prices are so attractive that home ownership has become a reality for anyone with stable income.

We have numerous homes in the West Phoenix area and many of the properties have undergone significant improvements.  These houses are ready to be sold to individuals and families looking to own. Best of all, there is no need to qualify for bank financing.  This means you can enjoy all the advantages of home ownership, AND have your monthly payment count toward rebuilding your credit!

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